Update on our Ministry of Care

What if the church would be the church? What would that look like? It would mean church members visiting folks in the community who need help, church members cleaning, cooking, doing errands, sharing, singing, reading the Word of God with someone who desperately needs Christ. Meet T.A., a man who had a stroke and had no one to help him with household tasks. What difference would it make if someone came to visit with him 2 or 3 times a week to do his laundry, cook him a meal, clean his room? Would he listen to the Gospel better? Would he want to know more Christ and about why this person cares for him? You bet! Want to make a difference in this man’s life and countless others in Togo? Please pray with us that God would use this ministry of caring in needy peoples’ lives all over Togo. We have started in 15 churches and 30 individuals, and will be expanding to add others very soon! What is needed? Please look at our catalogue of need for ALMA in this website. This caring ministry is called Living in Faith Together (LIFT).