Monthly Needs

In order for this ministry to keep moving forward, we have needs in every aspect.  We pray that if God has touched you in any way, and you could help us, that you would click on our button here Donate Now!, which takes you to our donation page where you can sign up to give monthly support (VERY needed), or one-time gifts as well via PayPal.  Here is the breakdown below:


  1. Visits to PLHIV, giving food, gifts, the Gospel:    $150/month (food, gifts, transportation)
  2. Weekly visits by 30 ALMA workers to needy folks identified in their community:  $200/month $6.50 per worker per week (transportation)
  3. Adherence groups for PLHIV:  $100/month (transportation and materials)
  4. Youth Bible studies/Clubs $100/month
  5. Training for Livelihood for PLHIV:  $200 (experts, materials) 
  6. Community Outreaches at the Center:  $100/month (gas for running video equipment/back-up power, food, speakers)


  1. Freezer for the restaurant:   $550
  2. Fridge for the restaurant:  $600
  3. 3 New Mattresses for Center’s guest rooms:  $300
  4. 3 New Wooden Bed Frames: $300
  5. Addition of bathrooms to 2 guest house rooms $500
  6. Need a motorcycle for transportation to villages and delivery of food:  $1000

    (Total = $3250)

Friend Indeed Association volunteer members help teach individuals, youth, communities and churches, counsel patients and their families, visits in homes and provide support in many practical ways in outreach, modeling the compassion of Christ.