Never Stopping!

Dear Friends, Encouragers, Prayer Warriors, Supporters:

First, I (Brenda) want to thank you for all your support and prayers from the very first day of my missionary career 34 years ago until now. For some of you, that has been since 1988, so we have been partnering together for a very long time!! None of the work in Togo could ever have been done without you and your heart for me and now Louis as well. WE ARE SO VERY VERY GRATEFUL TO YOU FOR STANDING WITH US! And we count it such a privilege to partner with you all these years! And we are not stopping, but continuing to work very hard with all we have and are to further His Kingdom through compassion, care, education, evangelism and discipleship.


We desire to keep serving our most worthy King of Kings with the years left that He gives us to serve, only it will no longer be as missionaries per se but as normal citizens, coming alongside the Togolese to facilitate the operations of the ministry there with ALMA (Association Le Meilleur Ami), as it is called in Togo, and Friend Indeed Association, as it is called in the US. Louis and I will continue serving as Coordinators of our and will be actively searching for folks who would wish to partner with us in MINISTRY.

We will be focusing more of our efforts on fundraising, development, administration and training. We will always be evangelizing, discipling, teaching and caring for those who are affected by debilitating illness and loss, including amputees, those with HIV/AIDS, strokes, diabetes, etc. We will always be helping to train others as well. The work continues there as we and His choice Togolese servants carry on. We will still be involved in every aspect of ALMA and traveling back and forth until we land in Togo for good! in our 501c3 charitable organization.


For the next couple of years after Louis gets his citizenship, we will be spending ½ year in Togo and ½ year in the US. This will allow us to be able to support ourselves personally and seek out those ways in which we can come find folks who would desire to help our ministry there. Brenda would not retire from working as a nurse practitioner when in the US but that will come at a later time in the future.


We have much to do and need to be BOOTS on the GROUND here in Togo to oversee our many projects for the next 5 1/2 months! As planned, Louis and I travelled back to Togo on May 1st, to accomplish many goals for the ministry: establish a new partnership with the government to reach more Togolese who need our help, participate in our outreaches to communities, evangelistic campaigns, continue to work on plans for starting a clinic, collect information and videos for grant seeking proposals, start support/adherence groups, minister to youth clubs at our center, teach others how to overcome stigma and reach out to others and so many other goals, all with the goal of making followers/disciples of Christ. We thank you in advance for your prayers and support!


Well, even though we will no longer need your personal support, we will still need your partnership with Friend Indeed Association/ALMA. If God would lead you to give through the Friend Indeed Association, we would be so very grateful and we would be able to continue the ministry together which God enabled us to start together! There is an address and a Donate button below which will take you to the page where you can start (or continue) giving through Friend Indeed.

We could never ever thank you enough for your heart for our most worthy Savior and for us! As you have come alongside those who have been rejected, ostracized, misunderstood, beset by illness and cared for them, you have helped us to be His hands and feet, and you have ministered to the least of these. And God is pleased as He has always reached out for those who need His compassion and love. Our partnership for the Gospel has yielded so much fruit and we will continue to share Christ and love as He does, so that many more can be won to Him!