More like Akofa

Akofa is a young wife and mother who happens to be handicapped and is only one of many people who are being helped by the compassionate outreach of an ALMA-trained worker from the Notse church. She is visited every week by Madame Hélène who cares for her in what she needs that day: child care, dishes, food prep, running errands and most importantly, to encourage her in her walk with Christ with the Word and worship songs together. You see, she came to Christ when she heard the Gospel from Madame Helene earlier. We PRAISE God for the teams of ALMA workers in 15 different churches all over the Plateau region of Togo. And we PRAY for many more churches and workers to give like this. And we ASK God to provide the funds we need for training many others, traveling to these villages and providing food and practical help for all the dear folks who need Him and our help.