Imagine having given up your family and everything you’ve known to follow Jesus because following Satan’s ways have only brought grief and hardship.  Such is Awedeo’s case. She is one of the first people in her village to have given her life to Christ, because she has HIV and a few folks from ALMA/Friend Indeed came to speak with her and share Christ with her. What a difference in her life!  Now, even though she is paralyzed from taking weird herbal meds the voodoo priests gave her,  she is never without a smile and loves to share what Christ has done for her.

Amedeo’s friends must carry her to the bathroom and the shower and help her eat and care for her.  One day, Awedeo became so ill and weak that she could not sit up nor eat. Her friend notified the Pastor of her church, with whom ALMA is partnering for helping people in the community with HIV.  The Pastor called ALMA and asked if someone could come help her.  Daniel, the leader of ALMA in Togo, came right away and as he is a nurse, quickly transported her to the local mission hospital where he works, and got her treatment.  She received two transfusions then iron shots, getting much better in only two days.  She shared what Christ has done for her with anyone who would listen

Thanks to all of you who have helped us be the hands and feet of Jesus in Togo through your gifts, prayers and encouragement.  We are so grateful for your involvement in all that is being done for the cause of Christ through ALMA/Friend Indeed in Togo!


Our first conference in the community.


With the chiefs afterward.


With the chiefs afterward.