Bernard’s Story

Bernard is seated on the step (in dark blue) and his children are the ones next to him and on the floor. His story starts in 2017, when his wife brought their 1 year old child to see me in clinic one day. He was weak, had several infections and fevers. We did labs, including HIV, and he was found to be HIV positive. So we tested his mother, who confessed she knew it would be positive also. As it turns out, when Bernard had spent 1 year in prison years earlier, she had an affair with someone who had since died. And she had started treatment but not been faithful to seek treatment or take meds. When Bernard had come back, they had their son, and her secret safe. Until….her child’s illness. We had to test Bernard also, with permission to contact him from his wife. He was also HIV positive and completely shocked!

That’s where ALMA stepped in, to provide encouragement, support and share the Gospel with him, his wife and family. He came to follow Jesus as His Savior after several weeks of sharing with Him. He was counseled about self-care, taking the meds he needs, preventing infection, and encouragement about not being stigmatized. They stayed together as he forgave her and he went back to work in the north as an electrician and we didn’t hear from them for a while. Then last year they came for their meds at the public hospital where we provide counseling and were back in the area. We were able to bring them food, Bibles, masks, clothes for the kids and encourage them in the Word and share with their extended family. We pray for her that she will accept Christ as her Savior. Louis and I are excited to see them again next week. All glory to God, great things He hath done!!