We are asked this question often and this is our answer: Whatever gift or talent God has given you can be used for His glory and honor and will help His work in Togo with the Friend Indeed Association.

Some examples this year:

­ Rachelle Ungerman has used her organizational skills and running abilities to help Friend Indeed.

­ Teresa Sherrard has given many countless in helping contact potential sponsors and donors and used her problem ­solving abilities to help us think through many aspects of the ministry

­ Calvary Baptist Church has lent us the time and talents of Jay Faulkner who has used his computer savvy and printing skills to help us and Matt Shelton his organizational and financial advice and help. All the Pastors have been supportive and encouraging of the ministry God has given us in Togo!

­ Debbi Wadsworth of View Point Print Design has given of herself to help us with our logo and printing designs, and we love them!! What do you think?

Pictures of:

Our letterhead     Our logo       Our business cards

­ Candace Granstaff contributed her skills in what you are looking at right now: she designed this website and we love it!!

­ Bryan Meade and Agape Grill have given of their time and talents to provide FOOD for the Run for Togo and we can’t wait to try it!

­ Many many folks have helped with their skills and abilities and helps with the first annual Run for Togo 2014, and we are so very grateful for everyone!!

­ YOUR NAME HERE ________________ !! (whatever you do or want to do)

How YOU could HELP

You could PRAY.

Praises.    Sunday, July 3, 2016

–  God provided the opportunity to expand our property with the purchase of land and buildings already on it!  (For not that much more than the estimated cost of building on our property).

–  The Storytellers team is coming soon to help us tell our story on video and expand our outreach!

–   We completed first time out reaches to all mission churches in this region!

–   Several people have expressed interest in becoming volunteers in these churches to show compassion and care for others in their community and help teach about HIV/AIDS prevention and share His love in the church and community.

–   We do have HALF of what is needed to purchase this property, we love watching God work as He has led us to this and it is such a great God-given opportunity!!

–   Generous donors who have helped us so much this year, every year!!

–   Recognition and cooperation/partnership with the government of Togo

–   Able to encourage and counsel several folks at the hospital this month and will be reaching out to others in the community

Prayer Requests. Sunday, July 3, 2016

–  That we could find more partners and supporters who would love to champion our cause both here and in the states.

–  That God would help us with the rest of the funds needed to purchase for the restaurant/guest house , another $16,000 by December 2016 and the renovations cost, not less than $15,000, as well as equipment and salary costs.

–   That we could be guided by the Spirit in every discussion, every planning meeting, every decision and follow up, having the mind of God and unity.

–   That we will be able to identify two individuals in each church, whom God has called to teach, and compassionately care for others in their community.

–  That God would show us the best strategy for reaching the regions beyond us to the South (Lome) and to the North (Mango).

–  That we could be an encouragement to PLWHIV in our surrounding communities, starting a support group, providing funds when needed for ARV meds, helping women find and/or training in an enterprise, etc.

–  That Brenda would be able to express well her passion and needs of the ministry with many others while on mid-term break from Aug. 5 – Sept. 15.

You could GO.

Opportunities for Service IN Togo with Friend Indeed Association, as of July 3, 2016:

–  We need individuals and we need teams to come and help us build and renovate, “flip” the house and buildings, as soon as God provides the rest of the funds needed.

–  We need people experienced in the following areas who could come and teach, mentor, train us in the following areas:  Restaurant Management, Hotel Management, Accounting, Business, HIV/AIDS medical management and ministry, Entrepreneurial opportunities, etc.

You could GIVE

What we NEED:

–   The $16,000 to purchase the property/buildings on the land.

–   The >$15,000 for renovation costs.

–  Furnishings, equipment, furniture.

–  Container costs to ship over free or low priced furniture, equipment, and furniture.

–   Benevolence funds for ARV’s,  hospital bills, food, shelter, etc.

And THANK YOU for your prayers, support and encouragement!!

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