Passing it ON! February 2016

We’re all supposed to work ourselves out of jobs,

Right?  On the mission field, yes, especially.  For many years, ALMA members who had been trained in counseling, provided that for patients, families (if invited by the patient), others at our mission hospital.  Focusing on inpatient cases, and Pre-Natal Clinic (as each new mom-to-be was tested), we were challenged by the many new situations we faced and thrilled to be able to share with folks at their greatest point of need. We rejoiced with them when they were negative, and when the news was positive, we shared hope -not only in Christ, but in the knowledge they will take medications which will prolong their life and keep them from becoming ill, and give them a normalcy in the chronic nature of their status. We shared that this is not the end, and that we will help them and be with them as they walk this journey.

As we needed to expand to the outpatient clinics, we taught the Physician Assistants and some doctors how to provide pre and post HIV test counseling. They will now be the ones giving the counseling in their office at the point of contact. This provides a fostering of trust, confidentiality and continuity of care, not having to refer to an HIV liaison. We spent the day teaching them and giving personal experiences from our years of experience.  We, as ALMA members, are still asked to give the news to patients, in the hospital occasionally. We do so, with respect, honor and esteem for them and help them whenever we can after our time together. When we have a Center, we will be able to offer testing, counseling, consultations, compassion, care, support to so many.

Teaching the PA's how to counsel someone who is HIV +
Teaching the PA’s how to counsel someone who is HIV +
Passing it on!
Passing it on!
With the One who taught us, Mr. Devotsou  (in blue)
With the One who taught us, Mr. Devotsou (in blue)

Refresher course – we needed that! November 2015

As God provided more funds, we were able to start going out to churches again, and as people thought they were rusty, they requested a refresher course. We all taught the basics of what we have based our ministry on, the material from HIV HOPE, a book and curriculum designed by Duane Crumb and the Word of God. People were now armed and ready to resume their roles as teachers, counselors, supporters.

Opening remarks - why we do what we do   Opening Remarks – Why we do what we do

ALMA members - getting refreshed!
ALMA members – getting refreshed!


Roger teaching Refresher Course
Roger teaching Refresher Course
Continuing outside after lunch
Continuing outside after lunch


May the Church be the Church. – January 2016

The group who went to Badape church.  Thanks Chuck and Donna for going with us
The group who went to Badape church. Thanks Chuck and Donna for going with us

The Friend Indeed Ministry (ALMA or The Association Le Meilleur Ami)

An HIV/AIDS ministry

We are focused on providing compassion, care, counseling and support to folks who are HIV+ or who have AIDS. We meet them where they are, when others have left, when others don’t understand, when they’ve given up hope. God has opened our eyes to this great need here in Togo and West Africa and we have said, “here we are, send us”.  We meet many in the mission hospital where we work, we meet them in public clinics, support groups, communities, schools and churches. And because we believe, as believers, that we should BE the ones to show compassion and make a difference, that our prevention and education efforts should be focused in the CHURCH, drawing others in to hear about something for which they have so many questions, and sharing the Gospel with them at the same time. We teach as often as our funds allow, using skits, and presentations, Q&A, and helping Christians see they ARE ministering to the least of these, when they reach out to someone who is positive.  We show them their role as the church and they have many questions. We thank God for allowing us to cover our Jerusalem (Kloto region) and soon will be teaching two volunteers in each church to teach and reach out in their community as their ministry in the church. We then will head south to Lome and north to Mango, as God brings funds in. Thank Him with us that He has allowed us to go to over 50 churches, also several conferences, high schools and soccer matches to share about HIV/AIDS and Jesus who gives hope!!  Here are a few pics to enjoy! Our whole groupDaniel on the mountain at Badape church


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