Prayer and Praise: Sunday, November 18, 2018


  • God allowed us to move IN to our CENTER of Operations, the land and buildings God has given to ALMA/Friend Indeed in 2016!!!   We are thrilled!
  • God provided renovations to be done, made possible by the efforts of so many folks!  We are so grateful!!
  • God provided a secretary for us and a guard for us in our Center!  (Pics to be posted later)
  • God provided some folks to use the hotel in September and October.
  • Our first ALMA Board meeting was held in our Center in November!!
  • Our newly trained care providers in  5 churches have been awarded their certificates and will start the work of coming alongside people who need care in the community.
  • Electricity has been provided to our Center finally!!



  • Please pray for the volunteers in each of the 15 churches who have just been trained to come alongside suffering folks to provide friendship and care as a ministry of their church. We (ALMA) provide education and support to these churches and volunteers.
  • Please pray for the development of a ministry to reach out in surrounding communities to provide testing for HIV, blood sugars and malaria. We need ministry funds for this, $5000 to start.
  • Please pray for each contact in the community to be accompanied by a clear gospel presentation.
  • Please pray for the development of a ministry of providing adherence/support groups for those directly affected by HIV or AIDS.
  • We need to drill for water again, and funds are required to help us have a potable, sufficient and clean water for our Center!  We need $5000 for this.
  • We need funds for renovations of the gazebo, which will be used as a kitchen and restaurant, also $5000 to finish the very needed project.



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