Friend Indeed Association volunteer members help teach individuals, youth, communities
and churches, counsel patients and their families, visits in homes and provide support in
many practical ways in outreach, modeling the compassion of Christ.

Togolese Volunteer Board Members

Brenda K. Mastin is the Founder/President Emeritus of the Friend Indeed Association and started the ministry in 2008 with several Board members, focusing on Prevention and Education for Adults and Youth,  Counseling and Home Care/Support.

Daniel Agbodzalou is the President of the Association and leads each meeting, makes decisions in concert with other Board members or executively on occasion, signs all official documents, plans and coordinates activities of the Friend Indeed Association, along with the Founder and Board.

Roger Fetou is the Vice-President and in the case of absence of the President, leads meetings, makes decisions, signs, plans and coordinates activities of the Board.

Kokou Agbaglo is the Secretary of the Friend Indeed Association and records minutes of each meeting and activity, presents these for approval at Board meetings and archives them in files, sends documents to government officials quarterly and many other administrative duties.

Kafui Passah is the Finance Secretary and is in charge of obtaining and dispersing funds from the bank, keeping accounts of monies spent, presents yearly budgets to the members and helps Friend Indees adhere to the budget.

Petro Kaledzi is First Advisor and as such, counsels the President and other Board members on issues covered in Board meetings and outside of them.

Jeremie Poune Bihe is Second Advisor and is also responsible to report and counsel the President or other members of the Board on important issues.

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