Broken Lives….The Master’s Touch

Amazing how simple the truth of God’s Word affects people on their worse day!  Just want to share with you a story that explains how the Association Le Meilleur Ami (ALMA) has  been able to share Jesus with a family lately!

Daye was sent to prison in 2005 when he was accused and found guilty of setting tires on fire as part of the escalating violence after political elections were held that year.  He spent 7 years there and on his return, reunited with his wife who had been with another man in the interim.  This second man had since died and the child they had together was sickly.  When Daye and his wife reunited, he had no idea she was seropositive and she never told him, even though she had known since she was pregnant with the couple’s 3 year old child.  I first saw them in the clinic when they brought their 6 year old in for treatment of her malaria, anemia and a fungal infection.  Of course we re-tested the child who was seropositive, news to her Mom and then we tested her and found out what she already knew, that she was also HIV positive.  Unbeknownst to us, an ALMA educator had been counselling with the family during their hospital stay and encouraged the father to get tested also. So Daye asked to be tested, which, is rare, as most do not want to be implicated or even know.  He was stunned to find out he too was HIV positive and scared, devastated to learn he got this from his wife after expecting to live happily ever after upon his return home.  We had the opportunity to share with them in the hospital and then at my home WHY God had led them to our hospital, not only so that they could learn how to live and live well in the face of these physical problems, with medications, taking care of themselves, but also more importantly,  spiritually and their need of a Savior, Jesus, who loved them and died for them so they could have eternal life!  After attending our church close to them in Adeta, they have decided to give their lives completely to Him and are welcomed in the family of God!  We are SO excited to see how God is working in their lives and as we go and share with folks in churches all over this area how to BE the church, BE the gospel, BE the compassion Jesus first showed us. Through brokenness….healing!!   This family’s story highlights the importance of our work before us!   Please pray as we start going out again to speak in area churches as we share how the church can BE the church and reach out to those among them in their community or church why are affected by HIV/AIDS in some way!  Thanks for your prayers!!

800+ high school students!!

God gave us the awesome privilege of sharing the truth about HIV/AIDS and the truth of the Word of God with 800 high school students as part of World AIDS Day late December.   They had many great questions and desired to know the things that de-mystify HIV and AIDS and eagerly anticipated in discussions!  They have asked us to come back in March for their Cultural Week. We are excited to have this as an ongoing part of our ministry!  IMG_0900 IMG_0905 IMG_0906 IMG_0907

Restaurant Update

ALL Friend Indeed WorkersALMA has partnered with Hopital Baptiste Biblique to start a restaurant on their compound.  God miraculously provided $26,000 of the $45,000 needed to build and we are waiting on Him for the rest.

This is a win-win situation as the hospital desperately needs a way to provide food for its employees and patients and we need a self-sustaining means of support for our HIV/AIDS ministry.

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