Evangelism outreach. April 2016

Listening to the Word and a funny jokePrayingThe HEART of the matter!

We decided that, with a gift that had been given to do whatever we wanted in our HIV/AIDS ministry, that we would like to have an evangelistic campaign right here in our own Jerusalem, which is the village in which most of us live – Tsiko. Here we are praying for God to open hearts as we went door to door on Saturday morning!  We prayed for weeks before the event and God blessed! Many people heard the Gospel clearly presented either individually or each night in a big group!  It was held April 15-17, 2016, culminating in a beautiful worship service on Sunday! We were so blessed to be a part and will soon do another in a village on the mountains behind us!  Thank you for praying and that God’s Word will continue to bring forth much fruit. We rejoice to be able to help disciple some of those who came to Christ!
Praying before evangelism

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