“A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for adversity”. Proverbs 17:17

FRIEND INDEED gives HOPE to people living with HIV or AIDS and those affected by it in Togo, West Africa and beyond.

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FRIEND INDEED does this by following and sharing CHRIST with the Togolese people by coming alongside as a friend to folks in their deepest need.

FRIEND INDEED gives HOPE by teaching folks in communities, churches, youth conferences and individuals and families how HIV is spread and how it is NOT SPREAD so that the stigma associated with the virus is eradicated and people are not isolated or rejected.

FRIEND INDEED gives HOPE by counseling individuals in the clinic and hospital how they can avoid transmission and how they can receive medications that prolong their lives and gives HOPE.    IMG_0667

FRIEND INDEED gives HOPE by reaching out to individuals who are HIV+ by coming alongside in the home and caring to meet practical needs by sharing from Benevolence fund and teaching home care and discipleship in Bible studies.

FRIEND INDEED will bring more HOPE in the future by building a Center for Education, Counseling. Testing and Treatment.

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